Focus on events, or include lies about events too?

I’m still trudging through the build. One thing that I haven’t completely decided yet, is how much I should include false statements by the trump campaign. For the most part, the site only talks about events. But I feel like that doesn’t quite cover the whole story. It seems like it would also be important to include false statements about these events made by the trump campaign.

For example, the campaign first said that Michael Flynn only spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak once by phone, and once via text message, both before the December 2016 sanctions. Then they admitted that Flynn spoke with Kislyak after the sanctions, but only to plan for a post-inauguration congratulatory call between Putin and trump. Then Flynn admitted that they might have maybe talked about sanctions on that call. Then they were forced to admit that Flynn made it clear to Kislyak that trump would lift the sanctions. Then, oh yeah, Flynn and Kushner also met with Kislyak in person at trump tower in early December. Then, they were forced to admit that Flynn requested that Kislyak facilitate a secure encrypted communications channel for him to use to communicate directly with Russia, outside the ears of US intelligence. And I’m probably forgetting a lot.

But there are just so many lies like this, where the facts force them to change their lie a little bit, and the truth only comes out incrementally, with a different version of a lie from the trump campaign at every step. It’s been like this for almost every event. Maybe the events themselves are enough to present the full story? I’ll have to think about it.

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