Aiding the enemy

It was recently reported that Dutch intelligence hacked the “Cozy Bear” hacking group (reportedly Russian intelligence FSB) and observed their hacking activities, including their hack of the US Dept. of State, White House, and DNC. They even hacked a security camera so they could capture video evidence of everyone involved. They shared this information with the FBI over the course of years, assisting in the mitigation of some of the attacks. Bloomberg

As early as August 2016 (Source), Donald Trump received briefings on top secret intelligence, which presumably included information about the ongoing Russian attacks. Further still, Trump received a briefing on the Steele Dossier in early January 2017, before his inauguration. Source It seems virtually certain that during his entire presidency, Trump has been aware of this intelligence coming from Netherlands, which includes apparently irrefutable, hard evidence gathered real-time. read more