Site Under Construction

This site began as an attempt to dig into the Steele dossier and figure out which parts might be true. I started by creating a basic timeline to compare the primary allegations made in the Steele dossier with public news reports. I quickly discovered that there’s really something to this Trump-Russia thing. The timeline quickly grew from dossier stories into a more comprehensive chronology of most Trump–Russia collusion stories and related topics that I could find. To accommodate the level of detail I want to provide, it turned out that the timeline was inadequate. So I stopped working on the timeline, and started building topic-based pages.

I’m still working on the original build-up of content. The story is enormous, and there’s a ton to do:

  • Much, if not most of the content is basically just my notes, or brief summaries of other articles that I link to. I’m still working on outlining the entire alleged conspiracy based on subtopics, and organizing (and reorganizing) my notes on those events based on that outline. But during the build-up, individual pages are less ‘readable’ and often don’t really flow from beginning to end.
  • The timeline’s formatting is horrendous, and for now it’s completely disconnected from all other content on the site. Also, due to the limited time I have to work on this site, while I’m building up content on topic-based pages, the timeline is aging. When I can update the timeline, I’ll condense, reformat, and comprehensively cross-link it with the corresponding pages. (I’m also considering breaking it into multiple timelines corresponding to different sets of related events.)
  • So much has happened, and so much keeps happening quickly, that tons of the story is omitted so far. Again, time limits. For example, as of 11/20/2017 I only briefly mention voter targeting for propaganda, and still omit stories supporting allegations of collaboration in the data analysis of voter databases and other GOP party databases to help with the targeting. I have almost nothing on Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon, and I haven’t even started (on the site, at least) to actually build a case for any potential ‘charges’ or grounds for impeachment. Maybe I’ll get some help, but with persistence I’m confident that even working alone I’ll get it all in here soon enough.
  • While I have included some content describing reports about the investigation efforts as they’ve unfolded, that information isn’t intended to be comprehensive (yet). For now, my primary goal here is to set forth all the facts and evidence I can find to support a case for removing the current US administration. The ongoing investigation is important to the whole story, but not specifically what I’m trying to describe.

For now, I recommend starting with Russia’s Influence Campaign, or just browsing the sidebar. Enjoy!