Michael Cohen’s Rise

Michael Cohen
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Steele Dossier

Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen was heavily engaged in a cover-up and damage control operation, attempting to prevent the full details about Trump’s relationship with Russia from being exposed.

In August or September 2016, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen attended a clandestine meeting with Russian representatives in Prague, Czech Republic, using the cover of (and maybe the location of) the NGO Rossotrudnichestvo office in Prague. They met to “clean up the mess” left behind by revelations of Paul Manafort’s corrupt relationship with the Yanukovych regime, as well as Carter Page’s secret meetings with senior Russian regime figures in July 2016.

Cohen was accompanied by 3 colleagues. Oleg Solodukhin was among the Russian attendees.

Putin’s ally in the Duma, Konstantin Kosachev (head of the Foreign Relations Committee) was an important figure in the Trump campaign–Kremlin liaison operation. Kosachev facilitated the contact in Prague, and may have attended the meeting(s) with Cohen.

The Prague agenda included questions on how deniable cash payments would be made to hackers who had worked in Europe under Kremlin direction against the Clinton campaign, and how to cover up those operations. (see entry above re: XBT/Webzilla, Gubarov, and Kapsugovich)

Trump’s team and the Kremlin both paid the operatives involved.

The parties at the Prague meeting agreed to stand down certain “Romanian hackers,” and that other operatives should lay low at a “bolt hole” in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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