Russian Kompromat on Donald Trump

Steele Dossier:

Donald Trump visited St. Petersburg, Russia on several occasions (dates not given), attempting to enter business deals involving real estate. Trump paid bribes there to further his interests, and participated in sex parties. Azeri business figure Araz [sic, Aras] Agalarov may have been closely involved with Trump in these dealings.

In 2013, Russia obtained ‘kompromat’ on Trump in which the FSB recorded, with hidden microphones and cameras at the Moscow Ritz Carlton hotel, Trump having stayed in the Presidential suite and hiring prostitutes to urinate in front of him on the bed where Pres. & Mrs. Obama had previously slept. This is only part of the ‘kompromat’ Russia has on Trump based on his “unorthodox” behavior over the years in Russia. Thus, Russia could blackmail Trump if they so wished.

In July 2016, Trump campaign advisor Carter Page visited Moscow and met with a senior officer in the Internal Political Department named Divyekin. Divyekin discussed both Russia’s dossier of kompromat on Hillary Clinton, and their dossier of kompromat on Donald Trump. Divyekin may have used his suggestion of kompromat as a threat, to keep in mind when the Trump Campaign deals with Russia.

Public Information

In 2013, Donald Trump met Emin Agalarov, Russian pop star and son of Russian billionaire, real estate developer, and Putin ally Aras Agalarov, via Emin’s relationship with the 2012 miss universe winner. Source Later that year, Donald Trump attended a private dinner with Aras and Emin Agalarov. Ike Kaveladze (one of the attendees at the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower, and senior vice president at Crocus Group) was photographed with the dinner party. Source

Comments/Corroboration of Steele Dossier

Partially confirmed. 

The Agalarovs had a close relationship with the Trump family, and based on the emails of June 3–9, 2016 released by Donald Trump, Jr., the Agalarovs are connected to the Russian government and actively created a channel between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Source

 Kaveladze attended a dinner with Trump and the Agalarovs, suggesting that Trump may have been in attendance in the June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower to receive Kaveladze and the other Russian parties.

BBC’s Paul Wood had sources that said the CIA found these claims in the Steele dossier credible, and that the CIA had “more than one tape… audio and video… on more than one date… in more than one place… of a sexual nature.” Source